Opening Doors

Strategic Fundraising Group, LLC

Strategic Fundraising Group LLC was established to give the small Fundraising shop to the large one an opportunity to engage with a firm that adds sophistication to their operation. Not every Development office has the time, the resources or the capability to organize or undertake essential tasks that provide fruitful fundraising results. There also are times when a Development executive needs reassurance that the path taken is a good one and will lead to success. Today there is often little margin for costly errors. SFG helps you with the steps necessary to forge your campaign to a successful conclusion.

Why choose us?

There is always an element of uncertainty when engaging a consultant to do a job. There are many excellent reasons why choosing SFG as a strategic fundraising partner for your operation makes sense.

  • When you engage SFG, you are gaining more than three decades of tried and true experience in the field of fundraising.
  • The President of SFG has raised more than $75 million for not-for-profit agencies during his career – a track record of success.
  • Reaching for the power that SFG provides you is a natural way to do business in the world of fundraising. It is done all the time to keep abreast of changes taking place in the industry, as well as to help Development executives’ transition to achieving more substantive levels of fund giving.
  • The expectations are high for you to increase your financial goals and to enhance fund giving, but you don’t have the resources to hire more personnel. This is a cost-effective approach.
  • The essence of consulting is to help a client by providing advice, information and the implementation of strategies to help them succeed in their important work.
  • Adding SFG to the Development team can provide your fundraising effort the needed knowledge and welcome sophistication to meet your goals.