Key Seminars Planned for Not-For-Profit Agencies; Uncertain Economy Unleashes Creative Fundraising Solutions

Teaneck, New Jersey - The case that economic forecasting is becoming more difficult and uncertain is compelling. Yet, many economists agree that the outlook for the U.S. economy is far worse now than it was just months ago. Considering the projections of weak economic data, not-for-profit organizations may need to gird themselves for another round of difficult budget decisions.

According to Norman B. Gildin, President, Strategic Fundraising Group LLC, the times require creative fundraising solutions to offset continuing shrinking revenues by government and third party reimbursors. “One approach is to prepare for bad economic times by seeking out new and creative fundraising solutions. A well established way to do so is to learn about cutting edge methods to raise contributions. Another is to enhance existing fundraising events, as well as to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of fundraising.”

Said Mr. Gildin, “Not-for-profit agencies and organizations that take care of clients and consumers with disabilities or with conditions that limit their activities of daily living must be up to the financial challenges ahead because these folks depend on them. Furthermore, this holds true for schools, museums, religious institutions, social service agencies and others who also need to remain fiscally solvent in difficult times.”

Strategic Fundraising Group LLC is taking proactive steps to educate agencies and their Development executives about the latest ways to raise the necessary private sector funds to keep these organizations solvent and thriving. Three seminars sponsored by Strategic Fundraising Group LLC are slated to take place this month and next to address these concerns. “The Art of Asking: How to Ask Donors for Gifts,” “Creating Your Special Event: What You Need to Know,” and “The ABC’s of Fundraising: A Primer in ‘How To’”, are designed to help not-for-profit agencies to prepare for the thorny economic times they face.

Mr. Gildin continued to state, “The metrics show an economy that is slowing down more and more. Less jobs are being added than are needed, the median salary has declined by more than $5,000 in the last four years, inflation and energy prices are up, the housing market is in a slump, and the vice president of the United States admits that ‘the middle class has been buried for the last four years.’” “Donors are rightfully concerned, but there are still many good reasons for them to support their favorite charities, and we have to be astute enough and sincere enough to reassure them that their support is possible and absolutely essential.”

Two seminars by Strategic Fundraising Group LLC are scheduled for Sunday, November 11th, at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, 641 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey – less than ten minutes from the George Washington Bridge. Seminar entitled "The Art of Asking: How to ask Donors for Gifts" is scheduled to have sign-in and refreshments at 8:30 A.M. in the Social Hall, followed by the program beginning at 9:00 A.M. and ending at 12:30 P.M. Lunch will be offered to all participants remaing for the second seminar, "Creating Your Special Event," beginning with Sign-in at 1:00 p.m. followed ny the program,t 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. The third seminar, entitled "The ABC's of Fundraising", will take place on Sunday, December 2; sign-in/refreshments at 8:30, followed by the program at 9:00.

These seminars are appropriate for Development executives, volunteers, board members, administrators and all those involved in raising funds on behalf of a not-for-profit organization.

For more information or to make reservations, visit on the web and click on “Events.”

Note: Strategic Fundraising Group LLC exists to enable not-for-profit organizations and agency executives to implement effective fundraising programs. SFG specializes in helping not-for-profit agencies organize, plan, coordinate and execute campaigns that will help them achieve their financial goals. SFG was established to give the small fundraising shop to the large one an opportunity to engage a firm that adds sophistication to their operation. SFG provides the resources and the capability to organize or undertake essential tasks that provide fruitful fundraising results especially during hard economic times.